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Fasnachtsmuseum Langenstein

The Hegau has many attractions for you to enjoy

Why not visit the Fasnachtsmuseum in Schloss Langenstein? View the fascinating and sometimes exotic gowns and masks which are on show here and are worn on the Alemannic Shrove Thursday in Hegau and at Lake Constance. The museum also explains the fascinating historical backgrounds and ancient Shrove Thursday customs.

Maybe you would prefer to see the ancient Roman ruins near Tengen, which has been uncovered and is now an open-air museum?

Or you could visit the Lochmühle, a 400-year-old farm, which has been transformed into an attractive leisure park for young and old. You can take part in vintage tractor races or Olympic farm games, take a carriage ride into the wild and romantic surroundings and much more.

You can also immerse yourself in the rich rural history of our landscape in the Neuhausen ob Eck open-air museum. You can admire the original farmhouses from the Hegau, the Lake Constance region and the Black Forest, and there are numerous demonstrations of old crafts and customs, historical animal breeds and traditional sowing methods for you to see. The museum cafe is located in a splendid half-timber building, where you can enjoy a range of typical regional delicacies.

Are you a fan of nature and plant life? Then Syringa is just the place for you. It is a Scent and Show Garden located on 6.000m² of open space in Hilzingen-Binningen. Its motto is "a sense of scent". There you will experience a fragrant and herbal plant garden that is unique in Germany. Escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in a world that you can enjoy with all of your senses.

Even historians are delighted

Alte Ansicht Hohentwiel

The Hegau is a lively picture book of history.

Its landscape is a veritable treasure trove for those interested in historical artefacts. The ancient cultural landscape bears traces of human settlement from the Middle Stone Age to the present day.

The ruins of former castles lie in close proximity to one another, and with a little imagination you too will feel that you have returned to the time of robber barons and lords of the castle.

You might even encounter the famous Burgvogt Poppolius Maier, who was condemned for his misdeeds to haunt the Hegau forever – and he still taunts travellers with his pranks.

Thanks to their volcanic origin and peculiar forms, the Hegau mountains are referred to as the "chimneys of the ice age" or more affectionately as "God's skittles".

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