Come and make merry

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If you like feasts, then Hegau is the place for you – Baden's famed hospitality and good cheer is more than just proverbial.

Altstadtfest Engen

Particularly around harvest time, the various cities, municipalities and villages hold traditional, and sometimes somewhat unconventional festivals. The Tengen 'Schätzelemarkt' in October reminds us that in days gone by, farmers only used to have money in their purses once a year, which they spent at the market to buy their stocks for winter. In Duchtlingen, famed as the place where the biggest and best potatoes come from, the proud potato growers demonstrate all the things that you can do with and make from potatoes, at the Potato Festival that takes place every September. At the old city festival in Engen in July, the streets shake to the sounds of the fleamarket, theatre, cabaret, music and dance, that go on well into the night.

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