Singen: a cultural capital in the heart of the Hegau

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Located in the heart of the Hegau, Singen is not only the secret capital of the region. The lively city at the foot of the Hohentwiel is a business, shopping and cultural centre. Visitors to the city are welcome to stroll through its streets and visit its tradition-rich and modern specialist shops and its attractive arcades.

If you are interested in culture, you could visit the Singen art museum and admire the only two Otto Dix murals still in existence in the town hall. The famous artist spent 36 years of his life in the Hegau and left behind many traces of his time here.

In the evenings, theatre and concert fans can go to the city hall or the small but high-quality performance room known as "Die Färbe", which was formerly a pub. Or you might prefer to be inspired by the programme offered by the GEMS cultural centre.

The Hohentwiel festival is held every summer in the city's fortress ruin, where the locals celebrate their town's own volcano. After having spent 500 years as a Württemberg exclave, it was reincorporated within the city boundary in 1969.

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