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The volcanic castle landscape to the west of Lake Constance

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A mystical borderland with Tuscan flair

Bizarre volcanic formations, beguiling scents, springs shrouded in legend, magnificent knights castles and captivating river landscapes – the Hegau, located at the southernmost tip of Baden, feels like a mixture of a south German Tuscany and a mystical magic land.

The Hegau is an extraordinary region. Extraordinary because of its geological origins, which have given rise to its somewhat unusual topography. Extraordinary because of its history, which can still be seen in its numerous preserved and ruined fortresses. Extraordinary because of its proximity to Switzerland, with its bizarre boundary lines and border conditions. If you keep your eyes open as you travel through the Hegau, you are bound to see something remarkable wherever you go.

Der Hegau

God himself played skittles here

Nine conical relics of volcanic activity that took place 14 million years ago rise in bizarre forms from the Tuscan-like hill landscape between the Swabian Alb and Lake Constance.


Superlative water phenomena: Aachtopf and the Rhine waterfall

Germany's biggest spring, which comes to the surface in the small medieval town of Aach, and the biggest waterfall in Europe, located to the south of Schaffhausen, are both popular tourist destinations.

Brücke zwischen Gailingen und Diessenhofen

Bizarre borderlines

The distinctive landscape stretches from the western part of Lake Constance to the Swabian Alb, and reaches the Rhine and Switzerland in the south while bordering on the Danube in the north.


Singen: a cultural capital in the heart of the Hegau

Located in the heart of the Hegau, Singen is not only the secret capital of the region. The lively city at the foot of the Hohentwiel is also a business, shopping and cultural centre.


Beguiling scents, sorted by fragrance

More than 500 different fragrant, herbal and medicinal plants grow in the 6,000m² scent and show garden of the Syringa herb nursery.

Altstadtfest Engen

Come and make merry

If you like feasts, then Hegau is the place for you – Baden's famed hospitality and good cheer is more than just proverbial.

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